Shoes are the footwear that we usually use to protect our feet. The number of activities and activities carried out indoors and outdoors sometimes makes shoes dirty easily. Dirty shoes make us feel insecure and feel less comfortable when used. Not to mention if the shoes have a bad smell, they will be even more uncomfortable and embarrassed if the smell is smelled by other people. Duh, don’t let you experience it.

Well, so that your shoes are not dirty anymore. It’s time for you to know how to wash shoes the right way at home, so that your shoes look new like the first time you bought them.

Necessary Tools For Laundry Shoes

Prepare the following materials and equipment:

Warm water
Gentle detergent
70% alcohol
Soft cloth
Washing machine mesh bag

How to Laundry Shoes at Home

Shoes have different types and materials. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to this, because different shoes are different as well as how to wash and care for them. Remember, not all shoes have the same washing method. Do not let your shoes be damaged because you do not understand the type.

Shoe washing consists of 3 main parts, namely:

1. The Outside of the Shoe

Follow these steps for washing the outer shoes:

Mix a little detergent with warm water
Scrub the stains using a small brush or toothbrush
Don’t brush too hard to keep the color of the shoes
Remove soap residue with a soft cloth dampened with water
Dry your shoes in the sun

2. The Inside of the Shoe

In addition to the outside of the shoe, the inside of the shoe also needs to be cleaned. Because, the inside of the shoe is in direct contact with our feet. In fact, this section should be more hygienic.

Follow these steps for washing the inner shoes:

Soak the brush in warm water that has been mixed with a mild detergent
Brush the inside of the shoe with detergent water
Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach parts of the shoe
Wipe with a soft cloth that has been soaked in water and wrung out to remove residual detergent

Not only bacteria, the insole is also at risk of being contaminated with viruses. For this reason, a disinfectant is needed after washing the shoes so that the virus in the shoes is also overcome. The trick is simple, spray 70% alcohol into the inside of the shoe.

3. Shoelaces

Follow these steps for washing shoelaces:

Remove the shoelaces from the shoes
Wet the shoelaces under running water to prevent further dirt from sticking. Alternatively, use a toothbrush
Clean the stain with detergent, then rub it by hand
Put the shoelaces in the washing machine’s mesh bag so they don’t get tangled
Dissolve the detergent in the water, put the shoelaces that are already in the washing machine bag into the water and detergent solution
Soak shoelaces for minutes
Remove the shoelaces from the net bag of the washing machine, then rinse under running water or soak while squeezing in clean water
Hang shoelaces to dry

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